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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a prominent global fashion brand with a rich history of breaking boundaries. Established in 1968 in New York, the brand's product design and communication reflect a minimalist and sensual aesthetic that celebrates limitless self-expression. The Calvin Klein brand is known for its iconic underwear with CK logo waistband and recognisable designer jeans including the 90s straight. Calvin Klein also delivers designer apparel, shoes and accessories that aim to elevate everyday essentials. Each of the Calvin Klein labels – Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, Calvin Klein Kids and Calvin Klein Sport – has a unique identity and retail position, marketing a range of universally appealing products to both local and international customers. Calvin Klein’s inclusive philosophy is further strengthened by its unisex clothing range and inclusive sizing options. CK products are designed with high-quality construction and a focus on eliminating unnecessary details, resulting in unique and long-lasting pieces that embody modern comfort.