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Men's Weekend Bags

Discover the essential collection of Calvin Klein men’s travel bags. Ample storage space. Secure fastening. Strong handles and straps. With a CK weekend bag you can carry your possessions in style. Get ready for a quick getaway or weekend adventure, keeping your belongings safe throughout your journey. Pack your CK boxers, toiletries and t-shirts to keep you fresh and stylish. Slip in a pair of comfortable flip-flops, sunglasses and a towel to be beach-ready at all times. With the spacious compartments and organisation pockets, you can easily keep everything in order and within reach. Carry your travel bag by the handles, use the adjustable shoulder strap or attach it to your suitcase with a smart sleeve. These weekend bags provide multiple ways to carry your essentials. Calvin Klein travel bags. For the modern man on the go.

What are duffle bags?

Duffle bags are large, cylindrical bags typically made of canvas or synthetic materials with a zippered closure and dual handles. They're designed to hold a significant number of belongings, making them popular choices for travel, sports and overnight trips.

What to pack for a weekend getaway?

When packing for a weekend getaway, always consider the duration and the destination. Generally, pack a few versatile outfits, including comfortable clothing, underwear and socks, along with toiletries, travel-sized essentials, a lightweight jacket or a sweater and any necessary electronics or chargers. Don't forget essentials like identification, money and any specific items related to your planned activities, ensuring you have everything you need for an enjoyable weekend escape.